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Christophe Mandallaz

We are proud to present pop-up artist Christophe Mandallaz and his artwork that is exhibited and for sale at Club 55 Classic Cars.

His creations are the result of an ongoing fascination. At the age of eight he discovered James Bond in the cinema in "The Man with the Golden Gun". He created his first black and white comic strip in the guise of a secret agent who looked like 007. His first inspiration, was five adventures for the agent, the beginnings of a passion and a long creative process. At the age of eleven, he changes direction and finds a new source of inspiration in science fiction. "Star Wars" by Georges Lucas transports him to another universe that he explores with the tip of his brush, by drawing his adventures in black and white Indian ink. His technique is refined and his style precise. At the age of fifteen, he paints with oil and acrylic and for ten years, he creates paintings and drawings with both airbrush and brush. In 2007, another change of technique, but with the same influences. In full artistic harmony, his worlds collide, a new era commences, with large formats in paintings, bonnets or sculptures. He embraces sports, cinema, fashion, design, cars, architecture, representation of great capitals or forgotten parts of the world, he transforms the images, his illustrations, as if he were making a highly reactive visual object. His works on metal or on aluminium, made with ultra-chromium ink and resin, fix the movement, the curve of time in his pop art universe, somewhere between fiction and reality. Please note that as a Club 55 member you enjoy a preferential price for all his artwork.

Discover the eye catching oil drum furniture by Steve

He believes that being an artist is something that is inherent, a skill and passion you have within, not something learnt at school.

Steve was born in Bromley, Kent in 1963, his first experience and project as an artist was when he combined his skills & knowledge in painting, engineering, woodwork and metalwork, to build a replica AC Cobra in 1998. His influences are 1950’s Americana, Muscle cars, Custom motorcycles and the unusual objet d'art. He believes that being an artist is something that is inherent, a skill and passion you have within, not something learnt at school. His own studies were through a combination of practical experience, learning through trial and error and self-learning, together with studying the works of Indian Larry and George Barris, his major influencers and teachers. It was here that he further expanded on his knowledge in metal fabrication, custom paintwork and recycling motor parts and scrap metal. He works primarily in metal and wood, and has created a bespoke collection of furniture for Club 55 Classic Cars in Moraira, Alicante. Do not hesitate to ask us for additional information on the products and personalization possibilities of the furniture items we have for sale.

André Konst: Valet Services

We are pleased to introduce you to our new CLUB 55 CLASSIC CAR team member André Konst.

S André will be taking care of car cleaning and valet services at Club 55. A native of the Netherlands, he was initially in the automotive sector and had his own business as a car valet specialist His father owned a garage, which allowed André to build himself a broad base of clientele. (ex. VAG-Group, Opel, MG, Chevrolet), he also expanded into commercial vehicle cleaning services and had many corporate accounts. His passion though was in the special vehicle category, which included classic cars, sports cars and supercars, a field he is excited to return to. André is an avid motorsport fan, so fits in well at Club 55! André has been living on the Costa Blanca for 20 years, engaged mostly in the hospitality business, his passion for cars has never left him and by joining Club 55 Classic Cars, he is delighted to get back to his original passion. He has equipped the valet area of the secured car storage area with machinery and equipment, as well as premium quality products, carefully sourced from global suppliers, to ensure the best results. As you will see in our showroom, the vehicles are immaculate and are treated with premium products. We are delighted to have him on board and obviously if you would like more information regarding prices, products or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact him or us, visit our website or just drop in for a coffee and chat ;-).
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